Okay guys. Time for a game!


The game is this…

Select a character of your choice that you roleplay. Then, go to Cleverbot and pretend Cleverbot is someone your character is interacting with.

Start off the the discussion by introducing yourself to Cleverbot with your character name, something along the lines of: "Greetings, I’m <name>!" And then continue on it from there and roleplay and act as your character would with Cleverbot’s responses. Feel free to use emotes too.

Then reblog the conversation on to this post. And let’s see what weird and interesting things come of that!

I’ll go first - please put yours under “Read Me” in case it’s real long.

Here’s mine (I used Zepsi, my Goblin Mage on WoW):

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Depressingly similar to a conversation he might have with another PC.

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Guys, so I’m RPing in Wyrmrest Stormwind when….



Yep, that’s right!



He had a tiny hammer and was fixing the plumbing on the fountain.  He ate a magic mushroom and fucking grew you guys.  But it gets better.



So I’m peeing myself, because this can’t get better, right?!  FUCKING WRONG


Bless you, Mario cosplayer.  Bless your stunning dedication.

fuck immersion i guess

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That was actually a really great visit. We really talked about stuff.

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fuck you turk width=

fuck you turk

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going to hang out with my brother tonight

fingers crossed he doesn’t be a dick

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'my gym has no area for deadlifts and they complain about the noise it makes when i deadlift what do'

1. get copy of necronomicon, signed first edition

2. intone the voice of the great old ones that dwell in the between space of the mind and reality

3. sink old gym into a portal connected to yuggoth

4. laugh as the mi-go feed on the patrons

5. close portal and get a new gym membership seriously

the bringer of strange joy to yuggoth


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